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May 18

Session information & resources

EAL D: Innovative Tools for ELL Development & Support

Facilitators: Deborah & Ceci

Location: Bayside Amphitheatre

How can ELLs use innovative tools to support their own development and become self directed and independent learners? This session will showcase the use of these tools which support language

development within the classroom and beyond. We will explore how to use them to reinforce language

acquisition strategies that support ELLs within rigorous academic curriculums.

 Digging Deeper Within The Workshop Model

Facilitators: Melissa & Nicki

Location: Nicki’s class @ Parkside

MiniLesson and Conferring.

This session will focus on strategies to make to most of an minilesson as well as learn tips and tricks to make your conferring more more effective.

 Designing for 3D Printing

Facilitator: Members of the LI Team

Location: Level 5

Want to 3D print anything? This requires the design of an object in a digital medium to transfer for printing.

Come find out exactly what options you have for designing .obj and .stl files to be printed. Participants will

explore for inspiration, followed by an introduction to TinkerCad, Google SketchUP, and

123D Autodesk iOS apps. Participants will get their designs 3D printed.

 Executive Functioning

Facilitator: Erin

Location: Room 303, Parkside

Do you have a student who forgets things as soon as they have learned them? How about a student who

struggles with solving problems, whether in life or in math? What about a student who is always disorganized or who struggles to adjust as new challenges arise? Do you wonder why they 'just can't get it


Come to this CAP PL session and learn strategies you can put into place the next day. Stop wondering

"When are they going to get it together?" and start teaching them how their brain works so they can take



Facilitator: Eddie

Location: Bayside 3rd Floor Room 210

A wise woman once said, "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun." My sentiments exactly! In this session I will give some tips on gamification in the classroom, from games that last a single day to games that span over several weeks. I'll share a few things I've done (and a few that I haven't) and then it will be time to start hashing through some ideas and planning some gaming for your own classroom!

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