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March 23

Session details & resources

EAL B Friendly Strategies: Supporting Literacy Across Grade Levels and Content Areas


Facilitators: Denise & Gwen

Location: Gecko Theatre, Parkside


How can we ensure EAL students are accessing all areas of our curriculum? What strategies can we use to facilitate their understanding of grade level content while simultaneously developing their academic language skills? This session will provide participants with a toolbox of effective strategies to implement immediately in their classes to support EAL learners.


How To Design Curriculum That Fosters Understanding



Facilitators: Rebecca & Nathan

Location: Nathan’s class: 2nd Floor Humanities Wing @ Bayside


During a teacher's assessment, planning and instructional practices, the “workshop” model can be a fundamental yet practical tool that helps to keep student understanding at the forefront of learning.


 Interested in Becoming a Leader?



Facilitator: Matthew Johnson

Location: Mountainside Library


Whether you are a classroom teacher, instructional coach, grade level coordinator, or teacher leader, there are very practical steps that you can take to move forward into an administrative role. In this workshop, we will explore topics such as: building a portfolio, finding a mentor, creating a positive online presence, strengthening relationships, and conceptualizing your own vision and beliefs. If you are interested in becoming an administrator, you can take that first step today!

 Atlas Exploration @ the BBQ


Facilitators: Barry & Lisa

Location: Back of the Bayside Amphitheatre


Ever wondered how to use the tools and power of Atlas Rubicon to impact teaching and learning in your classroom? Atlas Rubicon can be more than just a filing system. Come learn how to use Atlas to directly impact student learning! We will touch on this by 'learning the ropes' of Atlas in construction of a unit plan for the goodol Aussie 'sausage sizzle'. We also hope to show you some of the more advanced features and power of Atlas, so that you can see what is possible if your units are up to date. Please bring along one of your own units and the summative assessment for this unit so that we can help start the construction of this if we have time. <Btw, carnivores and omnivores may appreciate this session more than herbivores.>


 Routines For Reflection


Facilitator: Diana

Location: Rosana’s Classroom, Bayside, 2nd floor Humanities Wing

Reflection is an integral part of the learning process that can benefit both teacher and learner. Reflecting provides opportunities to check understanding and engage and motivate learners. In this session, participants will explore several “thinking routines” strategies and examples from Making Thinking Visible and DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats and discuss/plan the application of ‘thinking routines’ in their own classrooms.

 Reading: Breaking Down Text & Vocabulary Instruction 

HS Focus


Facilitator: Faye

Location: Charles Room 3rd floor @ Bayside


Do you assign reading or videos that appear to be straightforward and manageable only to be met with blank stares the next class period? Do your students have difficulty learning and applying content vocabulary? This workshop will provide prereading, during reading and post reading strategies that will help students unpack complex texts, whether it be reading, listening or viewing, as well as strategies for explicit content vocabulary.

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