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February 24

Session details & resources

 Growth Mindset: Reflecting on our ELL Teaching Practices (EAL A)

Facilitator: Ceci & Deborah

Location: Bayside Amphitheater

What can our ELLs do already? How do we encourage a growth mindset for them to develop their language skills? This session will take us on a journey of self reflection in regards to our practices in teaching ELLs.

The Workshop Structure

Facilitator: Rebecca & Nathan

Location: Nathan’s class: 2nd Floor Humanities Wing @ Bayside

In these sessions, the theory, application and utility of the “workshop" model in classrooms across the curriculum and grade levels will be explored. The objective is to understand how the”workshop” model can be used as a useful, strategic approach to monitoring the progress and assessing the needs of students in the classroom.

 Play Based Learning PK-12

Facilitators: Cheryl, Lydia, Clayton

Location: Level 5

'As in the focus of a magnifying glass, play contains all developmental tendencies in a condensed form and is itself a major source of development.’ Lev Vygotsky

This CAPpl will focus on the merits and practice of play-based learning across grade levels. This will be a unique opportunity for teachers of all age groups to familiarize themselves with play-based learning techniques and swap ideas about how these techniques can be used in their classes. Often play-based learning is considered appropriate only for very young children, but the truth is that even adult students can benefit from educational techniques which incorporate kinetic, entertaining, purposeful activities.

Own Your Digital Footprint

 Facilitator: Member of LI Team

Location: Parkside, Nicki's classroom

Ever wonder what people know about you from a simple internet search? Why not take control of your online presence. Use your own blog, or webpage, or social media avenues to ensure that you are in charge of what content is associated with you on the Internet.

 Design Thinking

Facilitators: Frank & Brittany

Location: 3C Classroom, 4th floor Parkside

How would you do with a Design Challenge? Come to our session and test your skills out. You will also get

a glimpse at how you can incorporate Design Thinking into your classroom as well as build upon that with

3D Printing.

 TOK it's not just an IB thing!

Facilitators: Faye & Mark RJ

Location: Bayside 3rd floor, Charles Room

As educators, we strive to teach critical thinking skills that will transfer from one subject to the next, one grade level to the next, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a course in the IB program that delves deeply into real life situations from which deep inquiry arises. Our students need to be able to make those connections throughout their academic career, beginning in the elementary grades. By attending this workshop, you will be able to learn how you can incorporate TOK concepts into your units naturally and seamlessly. You will discover what you currently do that supports the TOK content and skills. You will be able to see that TOK is not just an IB thing, it’s in everything!

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