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April 27

Session details & resources

EAL C: CoPlanning and Collaborative Teaching within an Inclusive Model

Facilitators: Denise & Gwen

Location: Rebecca's room, Level 2 Bayside

Collaborative planning and teaching are important components in successful support of students within the

sheltered immersion model of language learning. When teachers collaborate on planning and teaching they

are better able to meet the needs of diverse students. This workshop will focus on inclusion philosophy, coplanning, and models of collaborative teaching.


Digging Deeper Within The Workshop Model


Facilitators: Melissa & Nicki

Location: Lisa's room, Level 2 Bayside

MiniLesson and Conferring.

This session will focus on strategies to make to most of an minilesson as well as learn tips and tricks to make your conferring more more effective.


 The Apple Ecosystem


Facilitator: Members of the LI Team

Location: Nathan’s room, Level 2 Bayside

Have you thought about using your Apple ID to author educational content? Come learn how to use iTunesU and iBooks in your classes. More importantly, find out how you can create great educational content using iTunes U and iBooks Author and share to a wider community of students and educators.


 Project Based Learning


Facilitators: Ria, Gaylene & Peter

Location: Rosana's room, Level 2 Bayside


Learn about and start creating student centered project based experiences. Dig into the what? how? and

why? Come with a unit in mind and related learning goals for your students. This might be new to you or

something you've been tinkering with for years. Come and join in a group of like minded people.



 Music and Fitness in the Classroom


Facilitators:  Kimberly and Leticia

Location: Choir room, Level 1 Bayside

Is your class filled with bouncers, squirmers, and wigglers? Do you have students more interested in what is happening outside the window than the really important stuff that you are trying to teach them? You are not alone!

Learn how to engage and focus your students with Fitness and Music in the Classroom starring The

Sheppards! This seminal Sheppard special will involve movement, music, and mayhem in the super

Sheppard fashion. We will teach you tricks for building both physical and mental stamina with your class.

Please come ready to move!

No music experience necessary! Activities appropriate for any fitness level!


 Team Planning on Atlas


Facilitators: Grade Level & CT Team Leaders / Team members

Location: Own space @ Bayside


Use this time to work together in your teams to implement the wonderful skills learned during Barry & Lisa’s

Atlas session. The key point of this session is that your team is working on Atlas and developing units. This

session is facilitated by team leaders / teams and hence requires team members to agree to plan and

develop units together during this time. A perfect opportunity for teams to work together in a collaborative

nature to design their next unit or revamp a current one.


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